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Rural Leicestershire -Underfloor Heating Project

Barn Conversion, Featuring CosyBoard Underfloor Heating Overlay System UFH Supplies CosyBoard underfloor heating system was recently supplied to a barn conversion project in Rural Leicestershire. Fitted by our install partners, circle and straight grooved boards were used to cover 45m2 of the first floor. 12mm PE-RT underfloor heating pipes were installed into the grooves of […]

London Apartments – Underfloor Heating Project

London Apartments Supplied with Wet Underfloor Heating System Featuring Diffuser Plates UFH Supplies successfully designed and supplied a complete underfloor heating system for multiple apartments in south east London. On the ground floor the underfloor heating pipes were clipped to the insulation. On the upper floor our heat diffuser plates were fitted between the joists, […]

Coventry – Underfloor Heating Project

Ground Floor Underfloor Heating System Supplied to Coventry by UFH Supplies A wet underfloor heating system has recently been designed and supplied by UFH Supplies for two plots in Coventry. Fitted by our install partners the system supplied included a DPM, insulation, separating layer, pipe and manifolds. The pipes were clipped to the floor to […]

Leamington Spa – Underfloor Heating Project

Leaming spa ufh supplies header image

Leamington Spa Development Supplied with UFH Supplies Wet Underfloor Heating System UFH Supplies supplied a complete underfloor heating system for a retrofit project in the Midlands area of Leamington Spa. The customer requested that the manifold was fitted in the basement, to achieve this the manifold was rotated 180 degrees during installation to allow the […]